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Aluminium Ferri
for more than 80 years



Aluminium Know-how

Aluminium Ferri brings its know-how to define, along with your designers and your idea men, perfectly adapted aluminium profiles, and to have them extruded by the best European specialists.
Several thousands of standard or special bars are kept available in stock for you at all times.

Aluminium Ferri works with a large inventory of tooling and polishing machines including automatic and numerical control equipment, to insure more precision.
Its brightening and anodizing line allows for the achievement and reproduction of specific finishes.

Final inspection and packing are carried out according to your specifications, guaranteeing the delivery of quality products.





Usinage aluminium
Aluminium Machining

The teams of Aluminium Ferri, using various specific or multipurpose equipment (manual, automatic or numerical control), guarantee the following operations with the required level of quality and precision : 

Straight cut-out / 45° cut-out / Drilling / Screw cutting / Milling / Bevelling / Routing / Stamping / Bending / Forming

The flexibility and versatility of the machine operators makes it possible to produce part series running from one unit to several thousand units, using both a well-adapted method and the means.

Aluminium Polishing

The polishing operations carried out at Aluminium Ferri give a very upscale aspect to the finished products.

To achieve this, the operators have a number of accessories and equipment at their disposal whether it is to supply you with highly-polished, scratched or brushed aspects, or quite simply to do the finishing work on the corners :

- Polishing benches
- Belt sanding machines
- Polishing lathes

- Robotic polishing cells

A good eye, good judgement, the inborn talent of the men and women, combined with knowledge of your specific expectations are the keys to quality.

Surface treatments


Usinage aluminium

The electrochemical surface treatment operations carried out by Aluminium Ferri include :
- Chemical brightening
- Sulphuric anodizing 
- Colouring
- Sealing

These operations create an oxide layer which will protect the material for life and give a final aspect suiting you and your designer: colour, brightness.

To obtain the desired aspect, the line operators methodically attach the parts to the fixtures, guaranteeing constant monitoring of the surface treatment process, and do the final measures.

The personnel respect, from one delivery to the next, your specific requests, in accordance with the reference parts, despite variations in the raw material characteristics and the process parameters.

Aluminium Surface treatments


Aluminium Bending

The bending operations are carried out on the site of Saint-Herblain, in the heart of the metalwork of Goiot Systems.


With three bending machines, suitable for both profiles and tubes, and a 120-tonne press brake, Goiot Systems teams master the forming of aluminum profiles and specific parts.

Learn more about Goiot Systems



Usinage aluminium

The exceptional know-how of Aluminum Ferri allows its customers to differentiate themselves through a tailor-made and quality offer.

At the heart of our workshops, it becomes possible to customize aluminium by combining three stages : the mechanical preparation determines the appearance of the part, the chemical preparation gives it the desired radiance, and the chemical finish its color.

Discover our range of finishes

Aluminium Finishes



The line operators at Aluminium Ferri know how to make all kinds of assemblies, whether it is handles, glass doors, grids, frames for furniture, etc., individually- or mass-produced.

When packaging, a final inspection is carried out according to your expectations, and includes verifications of geometry, aspect and quantity.
The packaging is carried out upon request. Our line operators can work to satisfy your every need :
- Construction of kits
- Commercial labelling
- Blister-packaging

Depending on whether you or your own customers accept final delivery of the products, we offer you the solution which will allow you to optimize your costs and your logistics.

Aluminium Perfecting

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