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Aluminium Ferri
for more than 80 years
Aluminium Ferri Products

Aluminium Ferri produces hardware components for the furniture industry such as door overlap mouldings, doors with or without glass, handles and handle sections, shelf brackets, and sections for work surfaces and for sanitary fittings, all with personalized finishes.

Aluminium Ferri is recognized around the world for the very high level of its products, its reactivity and its flexibility.

Aluminium Ferri Design

Result of a mastered know-how and a quest for originality, Aluminium Ferri presents its most innovative products and its most technical creations.

Serving partners from different sectors and their ever-growing projects, Aluminium Ferri offers multiple solutions, respecting the wishes of each client and combining design and technical expertise.

Créée en 1938 et installée à Givry en Argonne depuis plus de 30 ans, ALUMINIUM FERRI emploie 65 personnes et possède des installations sur 6000 m² couverts.
Elle réalise des pièces en aluminium anodisé et des assemblages multi-matériaux pour plusieurs secteurs industriels.

L’entreprise possède une tradition de haute qualité. Elle apporte à ses clients des solutions sur-mesure, avec une grande réactivité, et propose désormais aux marchés des produits innovants.

Aluminium Ferri Entreprise
Aluminium Ferri Company

Created in 1938 and established in Givry-en-Argonne for more than 30 years, Aluminium Ferri employs 65 people and owns a plant with 6000 square meters of covered facilities.
Aluminium Ferri produces anodized aluminium parts and multi-material assemblies for several industrial sectors.
Aluminium Ferri has a tradition of high quality. It provides its customers with customized solutions with very high reactivity and offers innovative solutions to prospective markets.

Aluminium Ferri News

New equipment, events and partnerships, prestigious collaborations ...
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Aluminium Ferri UE partner

Attentive to the evolution of its performances, Aluminium Ferri starts to revitalize its structures and launches the Factory of the Future project, in partnership with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Aluminium Ferri thanks the European Union which, through the ERDF, allowed the company to start this revitalization by co-financing the project up to € 35,000.