Aluminium Ferri
for more than 80 years


Company Presentation

Created in 1938 and established in Givry-en-Argonne for more than 30 years, Aluminium Ferri employs 65 people and owns a plant with 6000 square meters of covered facilities.
Aluminium Ferri produces anodized aluminium parts and multi-material assemblies for several industrial sectors. The company has a tradition of high quality. It provides its customers with customized solutions with very high reactivity and offers innovative solutions to prospective markets.

Located near a major European motorway system, Aluminium Ferri ships its products, with the best conditions, to all the countries in Europe and the world.

Since 2014, Aluminium Ferri has a subsidiary located in Nantes, Goiot Systems. The synergies between the two industrial sites extend the range of solutions offered to customers.





Company Values


Integrity is an essential element of our commercial operations, our social policy and our environmental policy. We act in a responsible manner and respect regulations. We expect our suppliers to share this value.


We assume the responsibility of our acts and our behaviour and we honour our commitments.


All our relations are based on confidence which is assurance that we respect our word and that we expect others to do the same. To achieve this, we communicate openly.


We found our actions by relying on the skills of our employees as well as our different partners. We develop the methods for defining solutions and solving problems based on cooperation and teamwork.

Company Ethics


Aluminium Ferri offers the same employment possibilities and recognition to men and women, including in the production department.


The experience and know-how of our seniority workers bring value to our customers and allow for knowledge to be transferred to new employees.
Aluminium Ferri wishes to extend careers to the normal retirement age.


Through the work of its own employees as well as the work accomplished by partner companies, Aluminium Ferri assumes its responsibilities concerning the employment of disabled persons.


The negotiated social policy foresees that our employees benefit from the company’s profitability.

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Aluminium is three times lighter than other common metals and allows for weight and energy savings.
Recycled aluminium has the same properties as new metal. Aluminium is the material which best conserves its value after use. Aluminium recycling allows for the preservation of natural resources and the saving of 95% of the energy necessary to produce the primary metal. Beyond the ecological and civic responsibility aspects, aluminium recycling is an interesting economical process, even more than ten years later. When aluminium is concerned, ecology rhymes with economy – it’s logical !


Concerned about preserving the environment in the course of carrying out surface treatments which necessarily rely on a number of chemical products as well as different sources of energy, Aluminium Ferri regularly verifies its environmental impact in terms of noise, waste and water and energy consumption. The company respects the European regulations, communicates openly with its partners, sets up improvement programs in order to anticipate regulatory changes, guaranteeing its customers product and service durability.
Aluminium Ferri voluntarily carries out the calculation of its carbon footprint in order to account for and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Company Sustainability
Company Certifications

For Aluminium Ferri to grow, it is necessary to offer quality products and services for all of its customers, while paying close attention to offer its employees reliable working conditions and to preserve the environment.
Thus, Aluminium Ferri applies an approach to quality, safety and environment complying with the ethic as well as the requirements of :
- ISO 9001 2008 International Standards which aim at satisfying the customer,
- ISO 14001 2004 International Standards to protect the Environment,
- OHSAS 18001 2007 International Reference to insure Health and Safety at work for everyone.

In order to satisfy the expectations of the customers while working in a controlled environment, the management and the entire personnel of Aluminium Ferri are committed to :

- Check the understanding, implementation and enforcement of the QSE policy at all levels of the company,
- Improve our customer service especially by reducing the lead times and the costs to obtain quality,
- Promote continuous improvement in terms of quality, safety and environment,
- Increase awareness of and train the personnel of Aluminium Ferri and its partners to adhere to QSE guidelines,
- Respect the French applicable legal, regulatory and administrative obligations at the Aluminium Ferri site,
- Communicate openly with respect to their results,
- Protect the health of and insure the safety of the temporary personnel to strive towards “zero” accidents,
- Minimize their impact on the environment especially by preventing pollution, reducing energy consumption and managing wastes,
- Collaborate and communicate with the local community and the administrative authorities responsible for environmental and safety questions.
These commitments are developed and maintained by means of objectives, with complete openness, to insure continuous improvement of products and services.




Attentive to the evolution of its performances, Aluminium Ferri starts the revitalization of its structures and develops the « Factory of the Future » project, in partnership with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

With this in mind, a first robotic polishing cell makes a successful entrance in the Givry-en- Argonne site in September 2016. Less than a year later, the needs and findings change : the overall project adjusts accordingly, and it is finally a second cell that joins the Aluminium Ferri machinery.

While providing additional production capacity through the complete integration of the 4 to 5 polishing steps, these robotic cells help improve the working conditions of operators. If the expert eye of these operators remains the key to success, the robotization of this know-how ensures the company, as well as its most demanding clients, a perfectly repetitive appearance quality.

At the same time, the installation of a new ERP facilitates the management and monitoring of the daily operations of the company. Efficient, contemporary and scalable, this software allows to accompany the project with consistency.

Aluminium Ferri thanks the European Union which, through the ERDF allowed the company to start this dynamization by co-financing the project with a 35000€ contribution.

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